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Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus, PICK, is a parent run non-profit on a mission to kick the K.

Understanding our organization means understanding that Jaundice can cause irreperarable harm.  

Mismanaged Jaundice caused the K (kernicterus).

Visit their website for more information.


Pic-K's Facebook support and information group can be accessed here.

A Message from pic-K:

Our babes were born healthy. Mismanaged newborn jaundice then led to a lifetime of disability. The K word happened. Join us. Prevent the K. Cure the K. 



Currently (10/2020) we are diligently working on both phases of the mission. We are obtaining the most current valid information on G6PD deficiency to be viewed on our website. Creating a seminar/CME for Medical Health providers in regards to G6PDd and newborns. Provide Free informational Handouts. Established a G6PDd Awareness campaign in hopes of a policy for Universal G6PD Deficiency Newborn Screening in USA.


g6pd Deficiency Foundation, Inc.’s purpose is to provide effective and enriching seminars and literature that inform the public about G6PD deficiency. Through the implementation of educational seminars to the general public and medical community, we hope to encourage G6PD deficient individuals to live a healthy life.


g6pd Deficiency Foundation, Inc. is also established to provide assistance to families related to their G6PD deficiency screening process. Through our awareness campaign, we hope to encourage community members to be screened for a healthy and productive life.


Maternal Alloimmunization Foundation ​Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide advocacy and support to those affected by maternal alloimmunization and its comorbid condition, hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn.   Maternal Alloimmunization Support aims to prevent stillbirth and neonatal mortality and morbidity caused by HDFN. We intend to provide patient support through education and have the intent to aid in the improvement of healthcare practices for the conditions.  

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Enjoy The Year of the Buttered Cat authored by pic-K's President and her daughter, Lexi, a kernicterus patient.


You can purchase it at

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